Police Share ‘Helpful Security Tips’

A file photo of Force Public Relations Officer, Mr Frank Mba.
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A file photo of Force Public Relations Officer, Mr Frank Mba.


The Nigeria Police Force has shared some security tips that can be helpful to Nigerians during Easter and after the celebrations.
A link posted on the police Twitter handle on Sunday leads to a page containing some information about how the people can ensure they are secure while at home or travelling.
The tips were authored by the Force Public Relations Officer, Mr Frank Mba.
Read the tweet below:
Read the security tips below:
The period affords many people opportunity to travel, usually to be with their loved ones or to attend to other sundry matters such as weddings, parties, burials, meetings etc.
The period is usually characterized by numerous activities, not only in our places of worship but also in recreation centres, motor parks, airports, train stations, financial institutions and other places of public interest.
Just as it is important to ensure certain measures are emplaced for one’s safety while on transit, it is equally necessary to secure our homes while on Easter holiday.
Tips For Securing The Home-Stead While Away
  •  Ensure all exits i.e windows, doors are properly locked
  • Have one or two lights strategically ”ON”
  • Off all electrical appliances in the house
  •  Activate home security (alarm system, CCTV if any)
  • Put on all external lights
  •  Don’t indicate publicly that you are away
  • Simulate a human presence
  • Get valuables out of window sight
  • Ask a trusted friend or neighbour to check in periodically
  • Leave discreetly
Security Tips While At The Motor Parks, Airports, Train Stations.
  • Be attentive
  • Be on the alert
  • Avoid unnecessary gatherings
  • Stand on well- lit area
  • Avoid isolated areas
  •  Make your luggage distinctive
  • Don’t answer transaction calls
  • Hold your bag firmly
  • Make your calls as private as you can.
  • Don’t discuss your Private life with strangers
  • Don’t accept food items or drinks from strangers. You can easily be drugged.
Security Tips While On Transit (By Air, Land And Water)
  •  Have a means of identification
  • Wind up properly
  • Fasten your seat belt
  • Don’t drive and make calls, browse the internet or text
  • Make sure you have spare tyre and fire extinguisher
  • Don’t eat and drive
  •  Obey traffic signs
  • Maintain controllable speed limit
  • Obey speed limit signs
  • Travel with less luggage
  • Minimize the cash you carry along
  • Avoid unnecessary confrontation with armed security agents
  •  Drive defensively
  • When you are tired or feeling drowsy, pull over at a secured place and take a rest
  • Avoid travelling at nights as much as possible
  • If you suffer a sudden tyre puncture in a lonely and unsafe area, continue driving till you get to a safer area. It is better to lose your wheel than to lose your life.
Security Tips While On Vacation
  • Mind your business
  • Avoid unnecessary post on social media
  • Park in well-lit area
  • Always be in a getaway position
  • Have local knowledge of your environment
  • Respect the culture of the people
  • At least one person should know where you are
  • Appear simple, less exotic and extravagant
  • Don’t discuss your private life with strangers
  • Get valuables out of sight
  • Blend with the locals as much as you can
You owe it to yourself and your loved ones to stay out of harm’s way
Be security conscious!
Authored by Frank Mba