Six things I wish someone told me before graduation.

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Ezinne Eke
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Copyright Β© Ezinne Eke
Ezinne Eke

Dear Undergraduate,

Life after school is a beautiful experience. You need to be mentally ready before you leave the university.

Here are a list of my top six lessons:


  1. Emotional intelligence:

I wish I had explored this topic a lot more. For me I was probably a bit lucky because I served in different capacity but it sure could have been better.


  1. Positive Intelligence:

The world can be brutal, you need to be smart enough to know what really worth your time. We need a balance of mental strength and a negativity resistant worn on your Amygdala.

You can refer to the book- Positive intelligence by Shirzad Chamine


  1. Social life: Learn to be social, Learn how to start conversations better. University of Ibadan wasn’t such a social place for me. It was all booky! But to survive, I have had to learn.


  1. Relationships: Build relationships. Not just classmates relationships. Build quality relationships.


  1. Results not mental strengths are what matters.


  1. Find a way to stretch your creativity, its too important.


Its been a lot of learning-stretching and yearning


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