Nigeria and The Global Fight Against Corruption

Nigeria and The Global Fight Against Corruption

Nigeria and The Global Fight Against Corruption

How can we define corruption? Why do the world (honest) leaders hate corruption? Why is corruption perilous to global economy? Why must corruption be stamped out from Nigerian nation? Can the APC/Buhari administration eradicate and take drastic measures against corrupt leaders in both public and private sectors in Nigeria?


A Policeman Collecting Bribe


The corruption can be defined as—dishonest or fraudulent conduct by those in power, typically involving bribery. And corruption can happen not only within public sectors, but even in private sectors. Also corruption can happen anywhere internationally (as it happened within FIFA organization), nationally or locally. Some experts argue that sometime even unnecessary smile or rhetorical statement can be a corruption for someone to have upper hand fraudulently and unnecessary and undeserved advantage.



The global leaders; honest among them hate corruption because it destroys economy of nations. And if economy of the nation is destroyed the people of that nation and families will be in misery due to lack of want and insecurity will set in and criminal activities, terrorism and insurgency and unemployment will be boosted in that nation or society. So, leaders in every part of the globe hate corruption because there will be no peace in any nation; so long as corruption exists.


Corruption Kills Human Development


Corruption is dangerous because it creates wide gap between “the haves and the have nots”. It also creates class distinction (social inequality) among nation’s citizens and corruption is one of the sources that create global economic shambles; the 1934 and 2008 were the shining examples of global economic stagnation in the world. And again, corruption creates global stock exchange to crumble and lead to economic misery among global share holders. The Transparency International (TPI) asserts that significant percentage of global economic activities are lost via corruption in many countries; especially in Africa, Latin America and Asia.

The Selling of Voter’s Card


Yes, corruption can be eradicated or minimized by the APC/Buhari administration if similar measures taken by Chinese government against corruption. This means that they can be emulated in Nigeria.



Certainly, if corruption is eradicated in Nigeria the economy of the nation will rise and the majority of Nigerians will be in a happy mood and life will be enjoyable, security will improve and the nation will be at peace. And if APC fail to (seriously) eradicate or brought corruption under control that may affect its chances to win the coming elections of 2023. No nation can prosper politically, economically and socially without stamping out corruption. Corruption is a monster that dwarf the economy of the nation. And that will affect individuals and families freedom of want. And freedom of want create misery and insecurity in the nation.

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